Anyone used Evermotion collections in a UE4 VR setup?

Anyone used Evermotion collections in a UE4 VR setup?

I usually work in Blender but just wondering how easy it would be to import maybe one of these scenes into UE4 to be exported as VR’s…

They’re mainly setup for 3DS Max, but I’m guessing they have PBR textures, but would I have to re-setup lights (especially IES ones), re position the meshes etc

Just wondering if anyone has done this before since these particular collections aren’t setup for UE4.

You can try importing those using the Unreal Studio DataSmith exporter/importer. You’d have to install the 3DS Max plugin to export the model as udatasmith. After that you can import the models using the DataSmith importer. It also imports materials, lights, camera’s and even VRay materials. And all meshes a

Good idea, I’ll try that.

I’ve used Evermotion stuff in several VR projects. They have some collections already made for UE4, which make them easy to use, but some of the materials may be unnecessarily complex for VR so I’ve simplified many of them. If you go for the non-UE4 packages you usually need to poly reduce and make LOD steps (pretty easy to do in UE4 nowadays but still something that takes a bit of time to do for a whole scene), as well as make manual Lightmap UV’s for many of the meshes.
Depending on which collection you use, you may have to adjust textures (for instance they may use bump maps instead of normals etc).

In short, it may take a bit of work to optimize for VR and UE4, but it’s usually faster than modelling and texturing everything yourself.