Anyone know how to do modelling / animation. In an easy way?

I have maya, but like its quite difficult to make things in it… I mean I know how to, but it takes a very long time, anyone know of a good tutorial series to make things easier or anything like that?

You know with questions like these you wont get any answers right : )

Just don’t ask man, nothing will come easy in this field if you want to achieve something successful or even a middle ground, you will have to work your balls off day and night for decades. for animation, modelling, lighting, developing etc… That’s the looong hard truth of it. Also good luck finding someone who will help out, chances are you need to achieve a good portion of what i said for anyone to remotely respect working with you or take advice from you, unless you come in rich and are willing to pay up front.

And lastly don’t say ‘I know how to…’ maybe you do, but chances are you don’t, because if you did, you wouldn’t ask in the first place.

Sorry if this comes out harsh just take it as friendly advice.

I mean I’ve probably done more work/cleaner animations, modelling, rigging and rendering than you. But thanks for the most impolite form of criticism. I most certainly don’t need it. Friendly advice from me, don’t respond to threads you can’t help out in. Lata’

hahah aint that the truth. :slight_smile:

Nothing personal Labinator, also in threads when we say ‘you’ it is sometimes a form of generalisation as that doesn’t mean it has to be you in person.
But I think you asked a question equally worth a response like mine, maybe its ‘impolite’ from your perspective but again it is meant in good spirit i can assure you and in no way as an offence.

Also I wouldn’t throw out there about what you may or may not have done more in these categories you mentioned than myself, this is not a competition here. But if it were so, I would reconsider such statements especially when anyone can turn out to be behind avatars, and in this case you could find your statement very much challenged I can assure you.

I also thought that you may be referring to ‘Maya’s interface’ being hard while migrating from another software, if that is the case it would be best to rephrase the sentence as that may have lead to confusion to your question. But again if this was the case then everyone knows about youtube and beginner tutorials so no point in explaining right?

Lastly the fact that i’m taking a few minutes of my time to reply or ‘advise’, may deserve a more understanding reply from your end, but that’s okay for now.

I didn’t read any of it, just because it says “last edited.” It’s okay though I got a few messages from people with help anyway! Have a good one thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Modeling is a PITA imho! I’ve no patience for it as there are few if any shortcuts. :stuck_out_tongue:
Its all about Craft, and hours and hours of applying yourself over and over again…
Whereas there are shortcuts in Programming and Gameplay and Level-Design etc.
So other paths are calling, why not barter with devs who have that 3D patience?

See an actual decent response thank you! Yeah I guess I should reconsider which path to choose! Thank you for a good response!

You speak of patience :slight_smile: he didn’t even bother reading my second post because it says ‘last edited’, but he says he found the answers he was looking for from ‘other messages’. Good for him.

But posts like these constantly remind me of a generation of people who can’t be bothered (don’t be offended OP just generalising), or want things done yesterday with a few clicks of a button. More so true with newcomers and grads. Not all of course but i’ve seen coworkers in the industry complain about this all the time. Back in the days we had to wait on a silicon graphics to render a few polys as you rotated it in the frikin viewport, I remember it took us ages for a textureless flat shaded coke can, and the excitement was enough to keep us going, over a coke can! But through it all the individuals behind this tech produced Jurassic f*kin park, terminator and the abyss, and created an industry. True seed of the evolution was planted and to a degree ended in that plantation with individuals like Ed catmull, Steve jobs, john lasseter, Dennis Murren, phil tippet, Steve Wiliams… They invented the fire in the cave which led to the creation of the pencil which the rest of us are using.

I hope they constantly remind this stuff in universities/schools to kids holding Ipads and dreaming of doing transformers.

I am kinda guilty of this, and i am insanly shamed of it. My problem is that i LOVE modeling stuff, i can use days on one model just to get it right. But i HATE UV mapping and i suck at animation.

So I was/still am one of em kids (i am 30 and been playing with Maya on and off since i was 16ish and are selfthought with the help of all mighty internet, (I realy miss the Maya 6 interface…it was so clean), I guess i am just an uncurable lazy guy) thats still kinda looks for the best and most automated UV mapping tools. And god knows how many times I wish i could just Mocap animations. Its somthing about Keyframe animation i always mess up. But I wont give up on it, some day, in another 14 years il get KeyFrame animation down. But i understand where he comes from, there is some parts of 3D modeling i wish i didnt had to deal with, but if you love something, you gotha take the cool with the boring.

…what i actualy was wondering, what does PITA stand for? Know of the bread, no the acronym

That OP tho… “hey guys, I wanna build something super complicated but it takes a long time… tell me how I can make it faster”
Seriously how can you expect decent replies with a question like that. No wonder William gave you that reply, I wouldve done the same.

That question has no real substance. Ask correctly and youll get good answers man. Are you looking for a collection of tips and tricks in maya that will help with moving along faster in that software in general?
Check out the sticky threads on this forum: maybe some of it helps you in whichever task you have going on.

But please try to phrase your questions in such a way that people arent left guessing what you want. Add a few more lines of information and we are all good.