Anyone know a good, clear tutorial (either a video or a thread) on creating cars with suspension?

I’m currently working on a Blender 2.8 to UE4 workflow for cars with full hydraulic suspension. I also intend to post this workflow on youtube because so far I’ve seen literally nothing that truly helps, with the exception of the official vehicle documentation.

Currently, I’ve nailed down making a basic car with wheels, and I’ve made some minor progress reverse-engineering the stock UE4 advanced vehicle project, but I need more tutorials pointers to really connect the dots.

This tutorial can either be in blueprints or C++. I’ve used the Unreal engine search bar but it’s kinda useless. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

You are already breaking down the adv. Vehicle template. There aren’t (currently, haven’t release mine) any better tutorials for this other then breaking the model apart and examining how it’s put together (with a few ideas from the docs/community pages thrown in).

That said. What are you having trouble with?