Anyone Interested in Paid 1 on 1 Tutoring on Ue4 for a few hours?

First of all, sorry if this is the wrong forum, It was the most relevant one I saw. So I am relatively new on Ue4 (2 weeks), but I have some knowledge about overall engine. (Intermediate level). I work on my project on my own and need a little assistance from someone wise, experienced to get a head start and solve a few problems I’ve been struggling on for weeks. I just need 1 - 2 hours of a session and preferably use skype or teamviewer. I offer $20 for an hour and will need only a few. I am willing to pay via pay-pal. My Project problem topics include:

Complex parent-child BP’s and Functions
Advanced AI
Root Motion problems
IK System
Complex character head and camera movement via sockets
Some actions and synchronized animations (ex. climbing ladder with animations).

If anyone Interested, they can contact me via .
Thank you for your Interest regarding My post.