Anyone implemented a custom Motion Blur?

Looking for a motion blur solution with more control than what we have now with the default solution.

I want to be able to have depth control, motion blur on player hands/item but not the rest of the world.
Ability to mask some screen element would be great, for 3D UI notably.

Guess it should all be feasible and was wondering if anyone gave it a shot yet?

The content examples have a motion blur example material for car wheels. You could probably adapt that as a function and go the material route if you want to be able to independently control things.

Not sure about depth control as that is bad to begin with.
scene depth and texture manipulation is a definite possibility though…

Well you can do it with wheel because point are moving along a predictable surface which is… the wheel !
Object moving linearly in world space can’t have a material. has to be some form of post process in viewscreen.

But thanks for the insight, i found an older thread regarding a cinematic motion blur, i look into it and if it can be adjusted to my needs: