Anyone here use Bitmap 2 Material(and/with Substance Designer)?

Just curious if people are getting solid results from B2M or a similar program. I have been playing around with it recently, and even with some decent resolution pictures(2k) the detail seems pretty noisy compared to a 2k texture made in substance designer. I am finding my biggest struggle is getting a realistic looking height map that doesn’t blow out all the small details too much, although that really just could be lack of experience with the program.

For example if we use a “forest ground” type texture as a base(something with dirt, branches, leaves, etc) I wont be able to pull enough detail from the picture to clearly differentiate between the layers like you would had you made it in SD layer by layer. I guess the answer that I am after is has anyone here been satisfied with the end result using B2M and maybe Substance Designer for added details?

I am looking to make level packs that have a collection of assets that can then be used to make a themed environment, I just need to know if B2M can be a large player in speeding or enhancing my workflow.

Any tips, tricks or workflow optimizations that can be mentioned? Always curious on how people work.