Anyone have Substance Designer 6 working with 4.13?

I have been trying to get .sbsar files made in substance designer 6 to import into 4.13.2 but I keep getting this error in the output log.

LogFactory: FactoryCreateFile: SubstanceInstanceFactory with ReimportSubstanceFactory (0 0 E:/Assets/Substance/PBR/UE4_TestMaterial/UE4_TestMaterial.sbsar)
Substance: invalid assembly, cannot import file.
LogAssetTools:Warning: Failed to import 'E:/Assets/Substance/PBR/UE4_TestMaterial/UE4_TestMaterial.sbsar'. Failed to create asset '/Game/Materials/TestMaterial/UE4_TestMaterial'.
Please see Output Log for details.

I’ve even made very very basic substances just to see if maybe I was using a broken node but even solid gray scale materials seem to break the import.

Has anyone else had any luck getting SD6 substances into UE4? If I download some random substances off substance share they seem to load just fine.

Alright, just bit the bullet and downloaded 4.15 and converted the project. It seems you can’t use Substance Designer 6 with earlier versions of UE. Or at the very least not with 4.13.

Makes sense. They made internal changes to the .sbsar file structure for SD 6. All of my old substance files had to be converted to the new version when I updated to 6.