Anyone have experience with dark ceilings using a HDRI map?

I’m having an issue right at the end of my project (deadline tomorrow), but it’s quite a noticeable one - and I can’t for the life of me figure it out.

My ceiling seems to be picking up a lot of dark green from my HDRI map. I’ve tried changing the lower hemisphere to white, which fixes is at a higher Skylight intensity = but the thing is I need my skylight set to very low intensity because the scene looks unnaturally bright when I set it any higher.

So as you can see, I feel everything is pretty much exposed correctly, except for the ceiling (and somewhat the floor). Does anyone know how I can correctly light the interior, without cranking up the light on the exterior?


Are you using mesh distance fields? If not you can try that, you’ll get a darker room and you can set the skylight intensity higher and it should still look okay.

Or you can check the material for the roof to see if it’s set up right, 0 metallic and high roughness for example.

Are you using a Reflection actor in the interior?