Anyone experience peripheral artifacts?

I have created a VR Game Mode that uses a custom Player Character. Everything seems to work fine with it if I’m using it in a blank scene with just a floor. However, when I am using this player character in a level I’m working on, I’m seeing these weird ‘horse blinder’ type artifacts in the periphery right and left. They look like the camera projection is getting clipped and edges of the world are being projected onto these vertical slices. Everything else in my central view seems to display properly. I can’t see these artifacts if I try to look right at them by turning my eyes to look while wearing the hmd…only in my peripheral vision. It’s driving me crazy trying to track down where they are coming from. I notice that if I look at the sun in the sky (lens reflections turned off) I don’t see them anymore, but as I turn my head back toward scene elements, the blinders pop back in my periphery. I’ve tried messing with tons of settings in the Render project settings tab but haven’t had any luck finding anything. Anyone have any hints on where/how to track this down? Using 4.11 with a vive pre. (But I see this issue in the previous vive dev kit as well)

I just fixed this a minute ago, we had a new material using the Subsurface Profile shading model; changing that to Default Lit cleared the problem.

Yeah I just found by process of elimination that it was the ss shader. Such a weird bug. Unfortunately I have to use that shader for my project. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Thanks!