Anyone else seen problems with GeForce drivers 461.09?

I’m using the latest GeForce drivers, and I’m starting to see random black-outs. After spending some time in the editor, menus popping up, or opening the editor, will flash the content after which it just renders opaque black. (There are also some problems when viewing shared screens in Zoom.)
I want to say that these problems didn’t happen before I updated.
Anyone else see this?

Try a clean install maybe.
delete the drivers, restart. Do a clean install from the installer.

Well, for now I’m rolling back to December Studio drivers, which claim to have Unreal Editor 4.26 support. Here’s hoping!

So far, so good!

Yes, had to roll back the drivers myself! i had similar issues, screen would flicker, kept freezing my PC as well when i tried to open any window in UE4

hmm… are random black outs when the screen goes totaly black and only way to get out is to power off and on the PC/laptop? I get them halfway building the lightmaps sometimes.

The entire screen going black sounds like something different from what I’m experiencing.

That sounds like it could be a CPU heat/protection issue, perhaps? I had some hard lockup problems in the past with building lighting (and running a certain test in PRIME95, it turns out) before I got a BIOS that fixed the problem.