Anyone else getting Video Card Crashes?

I am running UE 4.9.1
GPU: NVidia 970 GTX
CPU: Intel i7 3.5Ghz

Oculus Rift with 0.8 runtime
Vive Pre

364.51 Crashes
364.47 Crashes
362.00 ???
361.47: Vive Pre is unrecognized device
359.06: Vive Pre is unrecognized device

I’ve been crashing my video card with the Vive lately. It seems to happen sporadically when I throw a fireball within my game. I have no idea what’s happening, but when it happens, all of my screens go black and I have to restart my computer. I’ve done this about 10 times now, so there’s something weird happening and the log files don’t say anything about what’s happening with the GPU.

Here’s what I know:
-This only happens with the Vive. Oculus has crashed GPU one time, and that was totally my fault due to a scene filled with translucent ice.
-This seems to happen anywhere from 1-10 minutes into my test scene.
-Everytime the video card crashes, it happens the moment I pull the trigger on the motion controller to cast a fireball.
-I can throw hundreds of fireballs without crashing the GPU, though maybe it’s like playing russian roulette?
-The event viewer says that the cause of the crash is the graphics card driver. Updating the driver does nothing.

Here are some possibilities I need to narrow down:

  1. Is the crash caused by my game in particular? Or would any UE4 scene in 4.9.1 cause the crash?
  2. Is it specifically fireballs which crash my game?
    2a: Is it any particular particles within the fireball visuals?
    2b: Is it caused by the motion controller somehow? What if I spawn fireballs from the level at random?
  3. Is the crash caused by the latest NVidia drivers? Is anyone else consistently getting video card crashes with Vive in UE4? Is it related to the UE4 version I’m using?
  4. Is this caused by the Vive Pre? Would the older Vive work without crashing?
  5. Is my GPU overheating?
  6. Is it because I’m running 2 monitors?

Someone please tell me if you’re using Vive / Vive Pre and what GPU/Driver you’re using and whether you’ve experienced any hardware crashes, and what version of UE4 you’re using.

I changed my driver to 362.00 this afternoon and I have not had any crashes all day. I would tentatively say this fixed the problem, but I’ll give it a few more days to see if i can crash again.