Anybody Need A Sound Designer?

I’m a working mastering engineer, music producer/composer, Sound Designer and I also dabble in making my own hardware too.

Im looking for a project to work with, designing sounds as I said with dedication and passion! I want to make something of myself through the audio side of gaming. I have learned about implimentation into Unreal and other engines so I don’t need to be taught anything at all! Just need something to work on! I have a plethora of equipment and a promise of world class sounds! I can add the sounds to the unreal engine and work the audio engine inside easily as I have been taught in university!

I study, but will have plenty of time to dedicate to this and if possible I would like to use whatever we create to make a 5:30 video of gameplay featuring only sounds created by me. I would like to work after this also, its not just a university submission I have alot of other projects I could use but I want to work with games!

I know the foley technique amongst other techniques learned or developed by myself, I have hardware synthesisers and £2000 neumann microphones + 24hr studio access. Professionalism is promised!

As for a portfolio, I have music I have produced, sound banks and I have compiled a tiny games audio for a uni student but its barely a portfolio! the music I produce should give enough merit!

Thanks for reading and reply with any idea’s/requests!

I would suggest to post in the Job Offerings subsections of the Unreal forums instead. In this section here you are most likely advertising just to your fellow audio peeps :wink: I would also set up a website featuring some of your previous work if you are really looking for gigs …