Anybody experiencing longer load times & less responsiveness in 4.5 Preview?

I’m noticing that 4.5 has a considerably longer start-up time than the previous builds, and also seems to be slightly unresponsive at times? When loading the Tools panel is also blank for a while until I click around a little bit.

The only hardware change I’ve made recently is upgrading from a 560 Ti to a GTX 980 (which is the balls btw). Is this something anybody else has noticed or is it just on my end? Perhaps I have something else going on.

It definitely starts up slower for me as well, and I also see the “Modes” panel starting out blank until a mouse click. I also upgraded to a 980, but 4.4 still opens the original copy of the project faster and without the blank “Modes” panel problem, so I don’t suspect the new hardware or the driver.

I also noted a lag when impoting assets via drag-n-drop from the windows explorer.
Once I select some textures and drag them over to the content browser, the mouse icon starts of as the “forbidden” icon, and after a few seconds changes to the “import/add” icon.