Any Ways to Scale Landscape material by distance?

hello guys, i’m quite a beginner and i don’t really know how to scale my landscapematerial by distance what i mean in this is that:

i wanna make an RTS game, but the landscape is just way to little scaled in my opinion is there any ways to make it bigger? thanks. :slight_smile:

Err…unless I got your question wrong: Just make the Landscape bigger…?

well i mean imagine a game from top down view and the land you see is to low resolution or sorry idk what it’s called it’s fillfulled with little small boxes of material look i can send you a picture if you want

Oh you mean that every tile of your landscape have the entire landscapes material. I think I know what you mean. You may want to look into Unreal Engines Landscaping Documentation:

As well as the Landscape Demo found in the Unreal Engine launcher:


found it . thanks a lot :slight_smile: