Any way to swap out box trigger by interacting with different box trigger.


Im trying to swap out level changing box triggers when the player interacts with other specific triggers. I already have the level changing blueprint working, so now its a matter of making them swap out. Not sure if I need to destroy actors, spawn, etc. It might be a boolean variable but Im very new to blue prints so Im coming up with unsuccessful results. I want to create the illusion of the players choice in the past creates different consequences in the present. I hope the image explains more clearly than Im able to. Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you.

You don’t need to change the box trigger, you just need to give it a parameter, the name of the level you want to load.

( I’m assuming it’s a blueprint )

Instead of just loading a hardwired level, make the level a parameter. When the player does something specific in the level, you can just update the parameter on the box trigger.

Thank you @ClockworkOcean for your reply! It is a blueprint sorry I should have specified. All the parameter information Im finding is about materials. If its not too much trouble can you point me in to a resource that goes more in depth on this?

Let’s say we have a door BP which opens another level, we just make the level to open a parameter, like this:


In the level:


But if the player interacts with the locals, we just change the level we’re going to load:


So when the player walks through the door the level they are moved to is different. Do you get it? :slight_smile: