Any way to select audio device in UE 4.15/4.16 on Mac OS X?

By default, the editor sends audio output to my external monitor (screen)'s built-in speakers over DisplayPort. That’s not the default system output for OS X; the default is an RME audio interface connected to studio monitors (which is what I want to use).

As far as I can tell, there’s no option in the editor’s preferences for specifying the output audio device, so I was hoping somebody could tell me if there’s a config file somewhere that I can edit. If not, could anyone tell me how audio output devices are chosen by the editor on Windows? I could set up a Windows box for UE, but if I can’t choose my output device on that either, that’s no improvement for me!

I’m working in 4.16, prototyping with the new synth components, but I don’t remember an option for this in 4.15 either. I’ve tolerated it for a few days while concentrating on signal flow, but now I need to properly hear what I’m doing on decent speakers :slight_smile:

Many thanks