Any way to see Material green functions' c++ definition ?

e.g. TransformVector

Yes, you can view the C++ definition of Material Green functions in Unreal Engine 5 by navigating to the source code of the engine. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Unreal Editor and create a new C++ class derived from the MaterialFunction class.
  2. In the new class, override the TransformVector() function, which is the C++ implementation of the Material Green function for transforming vectors.
  3. Save the class and close the Unreal Editor.
  4. Navigate to the engine source code folder on your computer, which should be located at Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/Materials.
  5. Open the MaterialExpressionsTransform.cpp file, which contains the TransformVector() function definition.
  6. You can view the C++ code for the TransformVector() function and other Material Green functions in this file.

Note that modifying the engine source code can be complex and should only be attempted by experienced developers who are familiar with C++ and the Unreal Engine architecture.

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Hmm Had you asked ChatGPT ? There’s no Materials folder in Source/Runtime , but in Classes\Materials . But your answer helped :slight_smile: I traced it by gotoDefinition

Yes, that was ChatGPT 3.5