Any way to make player push radial force element on actor? (how to implement idea)

I have a physical door on hinges, when player interacts with it, door opens (physical constraint sets to 90), but player have to bump with door to open it, so i thought about how to make door actually open (so it would keep some distance from player while he goes through it), and i have an idea (but my BP knowledge still poor so i dunno how to implement it) - radial force element parented to door, it does pushing force, but instead of pushing player away, player enters it and this “force field” push itself away from player, so this is how door pushing away from player and he don’t need to bump with it. I tried to do it, but instead it just push player away and door wont move

Well first thing is get the proximity,
you can add a box collision around the door,
Then if the player enter the are (look for on event overlap on internet)
you can surely add a force to the door, since you already done it in physics.

But i think will be really hard measure the force to have a nice feedback,
you should consider using a simple animation
or even a simple blueprint that swing the door with different speed and spring.
Like the player is walking, so move slowly the door
player use kick or shot the door, slam the door
player run to the door, the door open quickly