Any way to add a third party dependency to the engine in source code (rather than statically linked?)


I’m polishing up my code for [pull request 561][1] and I’m trying to figure out the best way to link the reference MikkTSpace implementation as third-party code. The code is in C, which means that if I put the code in the directory where I use it I get pre-compiled header errors. I’ve had success compiling MikkTSpace to a .lib as well and linking that statically from the Source/ThirdParty/MikkTSpace directory. But the library is quite small (<2000 lines) and open-source with a permissive license, so it just feels odd to go to the trouble to link it statically. How would I write my module rules so that I can link to the symbols in MikkTSpace.c by building MikkTSpace.c? Is it even possible with UnrealBuildTool? It seems like if it would work it would be a little less unwieldy. MikkTSpace is extremely portable and should compile anywhere.