Any way to activate an input key press by way of blueprint or event ?

Hi all , just wondering if there is a way to fire an input key by way of event or blueprint without actually pressing key?

I am not sure if you can “send” an input. You could make a custom event and set it up two that the input will fire that event, then you could call the event from other places also

Thanks , any idea how to set up the event ? I don’t see any nodes to string in that will fire an input. I have a player on horse that when he is hit by enemy AI (with fireball in this case ) , it fires an exit horse string of code through an exit horse event , and so he exits the horse , but AI still continues to attack horse , and when each subsequent fireball hits horse , it teleports the player back to the horse for some reason. When that string of exit code should be unpossessing him when he exits. If i have the horse take damage , then he dies and i have not exited horse yet , so it just kind of freeze up. But if i remove the exit horse event , then when horse get hit , i just press " E " to normally exit horse and then , though the AI keep attacking horse , i do not teleport back to it when hit. So its like when that string of exit horse code is activated with the " E" , then he does not have problem , so i am thinking if i can auto fire that " E" input with an event , then he may exit correctly.