Any tutorials about animating textures in UE4 ?

I come from Quake1/3 and Doom 3, where animating textures either meant making several frames of animation (as a strip texture) or if it was something basic, using basic material modifiers to rotate/scale/scroll textures (using time and math functions in the form of tables).

Are there any tutorials for UE4 about the subject?

I need to make a reticle that is on the ground, always aligned to the ground plane, and is rotating and scaling down in a loop (it rotates with constant speed, and scales down from largest size to a dot while fading; fading part is optional, depending on how it look in-game). Texture would probably be gray, so that I could set specific color on it based on circumstances. It would be nice to sort of project it on the surfaces (so it doesn’t cut through slopes) in a cheapest way possible (performance wise).

How should I go about it in UE4 ?


Bump! Please help.

Alright. You sir need to understand a thing or two about shaders. You don’t need to learn what they are or how they work at low-level. Just learn how to use the material editor in order to generate a texture that you can just project on a surface (with a decal).

In your case: I would start off with a square texture (generated or not) and then: Either plug Time in a Trigonometry node in order to get a normalized number you would use to rotate the texture,fade it and scale it down OR I would just change the scale of the mesh in an Actor’s blueprint respectively.

Just for the record: Hardcoded animations -> Flipbook Texture: Render a Flipbook Animation | Unreal Engine Documentation