Any tricks to test if C++ plugin builds for XBox/PS without SDK?

The question: I’ve created a C++ plugin, wich perfectly builds and works with Win/Mac/Linux (it’s mostly useless under IOS/Androind, so I didn’t bother to test). I’ve created it for my project, but it’s good enought to release it on the Marketplace.

So. I release it as Win/Mac/Linux plugin. Yet no reason for my C++ plugin not to work on PS/XBox. But I do not have developer acc there and I am not going to get one in, at least, a year. So. I can’t test weather my plugin will even build for that platforms (that would give 90%+ chance that it also works). There could be some minor C++ issues, but generally it should be fine if it builds.

The current plan is to release the plugin as Win/Mac/Linux and relax on that for a while. But, may be, there is a way to at least test if PS/XBox would build? Some set of #pragma’s or something, that gives you, say, 90% chance the plugin will be fine for that platforms. I guess they who develop for PS/XBox have their ways to figure out the problems before packaging. Or do I miss something big here? Or, perhaps, I should not bother and stay with my Win/Mac/Linux? Or, perhaps, if it builds for windows that’s a 99% chance already?

Without the SDK there’s no way to be certain (or to fake it) - depending on what the plugin does, you might be fine to just mark it as supported anyway. Epic will report back to you if it has any issues during the submission process, and will provide you with the error log.

To be honest though if it’s a gameplay-level plugin, then 99% of the time it will probably be fine.