Any Tips on how i can get some free sponsors for a "Kart Game" i'm making?

Hi !
I don’t know if it’s the appropriate section to post this but … ,
How can i get some free sponsors?
I’d use the sponsors so i can hire a few people to help me on my Kart Game so i’d speed things up a bit
but i got no budget at all at the moment and i realy need to finish it within the year if possible.
I can’t spare any of my income because i have to much monthly costs to pay up ever month,
and at least with some sponsor i could pay up a few guys i know to help me out.
I’m working completely alone at the moment for the past idk year i guess.
I first taught of making free advertising for companies inside of my game but i’m not sure about it.
So if you could give me a bit of advise … That could help me a lot.
Thx a lot.

You’d be looking for investors, and that’s pretty tough, unless your game is really good and you can prove that you’re skilled enough/dedicated enough to do it

Dedicated i am, i spent like 8 to 10 hours a day working on it,
i’m not as skilled like most people here, but i’m working on it ,
i’m learning every day new stuff so ya it takes time.
And the game should look similar like a Mario Kart Game,
race and fool around with your opponents.