Any Tips for This Blueprint?

I have been fiddling with this for a bit. I was thinking of combining the next few together however it never really worked out for me. I do think a universal vector (Instead of placing a vector for each bone) would suffice for keeping the spin box number the same. Having it switch when you change the checkboxes.

I have been told my logic is twisted by the community many times so if I do not get what you are putting down sorry.

Anyways I started off trying to combine the stuff that is the same with the bones but then deleted everything because it did not work right and made modules and I was curious is there a better method? I am later on going to have presets as well. Maybe a good idea to tell you that this is not going to be animated just poses for scenes so event tick is not a concern for me.

In general, I am going to have it for each of those bones that you see in the GUI where you can rotate them in any direction. May clamp the values but since it is only going to be used by me it really doesn’t matter. You can put what I am doing as something with an action figure in scenes. I really do not have much in the way of putting a question or two it is more like look at this, cringe, tell me a better method kinda deal. I mean I rigged it up from a lot of guesswork and looking up a node lol. Again, of course, using my twisted logic. I also plan to use the save plugin to save everything in its position and such. I am a 3D artist working on a book (many in the future) So this is going to be passed down for future books.

If it is best to keep everything the same then, by all means, tell me. Though I am pretty sure for a lot of you guys this will probably be a cringe-fest. Newb vs Pro after all.