Any suggestions on how to shatter a enemy on impact?

Hi guys!

I´ve been working on a prototype for a survival horror game in which you drive a wheelchair whilst fending off monsters. I have a system in place to freeze the enemy so that you then can crash into them and hopefully breaking them into pieces a la terminator 2. Only problem now is I don´t know how to make the shattering work.

My thinking was to make a destructible mesh of the skeletal mesh and somehow exchange the skeletal mesh upon impact, but I can’t find a way to do that. I tried to remove the skeletal one on overlap and add the new static mesh as a component, but the mesh never appeared.

So here is hilarious clip of what happens when a audio guy tries to make a game :smiley:

If anyone out there has any ideas on how to do this I am very happy to hear them.


Oh I think I fixed it, well enough at least. I was adding a static mesh when I needed to add a destructible component and then enable physics on it. Also had to change the relative offset since it spawned above the enemy character.