Any plans for supporting writting movies on Linux?


Are there any plans to supporting movie rendering on Linux?

What I want is to capture a movie and store it in avi format. Although I can do it on Windows, rebooting to switch the OS and rebuilding the project on Windows is a pain.

I was following the Sequencer guide on Ubuntu 16.04 for Rendering Out Movies and I managed to get the rendered audio (.wav) but not the video file (.avi).

By running the engine from command line (to capture logs in realtime) and pressing ‘Capture Movie’, I caught the following log message:

LogInit: Warning: Writting movies is not currently supported on Linux


AVI format? Why do you wanna use such an old and ancient format. UE4 on Linux, iirc supports only webm format. Use that instead of AVI.

Unfortunately, this is not given in the render menu:

I used OBS and recorded a screen capture with decent result. I know you don’t have as much control over frame sync as you would if it was properly integrated in Unreal but with screen capture software like OBS you actually have much better control over compression settings even on supported platforms (Win and Mac).

Hi lirfu,

ups, I guess I understood your question wrong. My bad :). Actually good to know.

No worries . It’s actually my bad for specifically mentioning avi.

Basically I don’t care about the format as long as it’s common enough so that it can be converted with popular converters. Formats directly supported by research tools such as OpenCV would be very useful.

What I should have added to the question is:
Having support for writting movies on Linux in any of the common video formats would be nice.