Any plans for editor scripting through Python?

Are there any plans to make Python available for Editor scripting?
Verse is just not an ideal language for that, as there’s so many things missing at this stage that any attempt at creating serious pipeline tools with or without existing UE APIs is likely to end in failure.

I haven’t done a deep dive into the engine just yet, so maybe it’s available but just needs to be enabled somewhere?

If it isn’t in the plans to add support for it at all, did Epic share its plans for editor-level scripting in Verse, and how to patch ourselves around all the amazing python libraries (from machine learning to web libraries) out there?

From my understanding, Epic Games want Verse to be the go to language for all your coding needs in UEFN. I don’t think they would go through the troubles of making a new language just so you can use Python instead.

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The goal of Verse is for making the games. UE5 already has Python scripting which can be very useful for assets, so having that enabled on UEFN would be very welcome.