Any Pelican Case Guru's (Transport VR PC & Accessories safely for demos)

Anyone know a great resource for Pelican Cases / Case mods? I have a SFF VR build and a Vive w/accessories that I want to be able to pack up and transport quickly/safely. While I can measure the individual components and pick a Pelican box, I’d prefer to talk to someone with experience as the box but more importantly, the foam, is very expensive. I don’t know the threshold on how close items can be and the pelican website is not helpful at all. (The calculator is simply 3 fields to calculate overall volume) I can’t be the only guy who has wanted to do this either but search/google and yielded nothing really helpful.

(I’ve read a reddit post on a pelican box build for the Vive but this is for a PC and small thin monitor/keyboard/mouse as well as the Vive)

Depending on where you’re based, there’s probably a company who specialises in making custom foam who could help you out. A while back I used these guys to help me design custom foam for a Pelican case for transporting colour grading panels. They were super helpful. You’re right it’s quite expensive, but it’s worth doing right and there are quite a few people whose entire job is making custom foam for whatever you can imagine.

How more expensive? For example, Amazon sells the case I probably need for $299. The foam to replace is about $100-150, so even if I screwed up, I could try again for that price, probably learning from my mistakes.

You mean using the pick-apart type of foam that comes with the case? You can certainly do a decent job with that. I have two Pelican cases I use for transporting ■■■■ loads of hard drives that have always served me well to be honest, with no need for anything custom to be cut. You’ll have to get a quote to find out the cost for a custom insert. A lot of places (like the one I linked above) have online tools where you can lay out blocks in a designer to get very specific quotes for what you’re looking for. If you know the dimensions of all the things you want in the case shouldn’t take too long to do that, then you can weigh up your options.