Any official gallery map available for use as Overview map when selling on marketplace?

I’ve seen some marketplace assets use the same gallery map that is used with Blueprint Examples by Epic. I think it looks much better than the official marketplace submission guidelines rules of creating a basic floor with a skylight, place your stuff in a grid and calling it a day.

Here’s an example of an asset which does this: 20+ Gun Impact Particles in Visual Effects - UE Marketplace

So I’m wondering kind of how they do this? Anyone know?

Are they supplying the map along with all it’s meshes, textures and materials in their package?
Did they use that map only for the videos and screenshots, and it doesn’t come with the package?
Or does that map and its meshes etc exist within the Engine Content folder?

I’d love to see Epic make a packaged and ready version of the gallery map ready along with guidelines to include in any store asset, so as to standardize it all. Maybe make it use some generator blueprints so there’s an easy way to expand the room and number of gallery showcases and give them titles, instruction boxes etc. Would make it a lot easier for both content creators and those who buy the content.

I think they migrate the content from a content example project and ship it with the pack.
Its basically up to you.
Nothing stops you from shipping another more “lively” map with your asset pack.
Personally, I prefer the non distracting plain grid… :slight_smile:

Yeah, that is what I suspected too. I don’t like bloating the package by adding non-essential stuff to it, but if those assets already were in the engine content, then it would be no problem.

I think it depends a bit on the asset which is best. Some more advanced examples need better showcasing than simple static meshes for example.

In this case, you should think business and call it “added value”. :smiley: