Any know a good Tutorial for Widget Animation.

Hi All

Tried to follow UE4 Docs and me have no lucky.

Any tips would help



So, the most import thing you need to know is if you are going to animate something, in the details panel, at the top there is a little check box that says “Is Variable” next to it. You need to check that if it is not already. After that just put it on auto key and change variables around along the timeline until it freezes up and crashes!

I would like to see more on this as well. They did have a video of a demo that came out around december I think, covering its capabilities and how to use some of its functions. The video was more like a poorly pirated film than a tutorial though.


Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) UI - Inventory Tutorial Playlist has a section where the inventory window is animated in and out of the main view port. This might help you.

I’m trying to animate a LevelUP message (Fade-in / Fade-out) using UMG, but I’m not able to run this animation through UMG blueprint.
It works only once, but not the second, third, fourth time … I using a variable called levelup linked to the playnimation function. Does anyone know how to trigger an animation, any UMG animation, Text or Image animation through UMG blueprint?