Any idea how to do this?

Is there a way to edit bone transform curve data inside an animation? As I scrub through the timeline in the animation editor I can see in the details panel the data I need to change (attached image) but I don’t see a possibility to edit this anywhere.

Any Ideas on how to edit this curve data?

Epic upgrades their animation curve editor to something awesome but you can’t transform any bone data? Is this true?

If you want to do it in editor you can always pull the curve data and apply an offset feeding it back into a transform/modify bone.
Its beyond me why you wouldn’t just use an external 3d program…

to directly create animations epic has been pushing control rig recently. Maybe you can also try that…

Thats a good idea.

I would love to use Maya but there is some problem with UE4’s recorded animations. It has to do with root motion. If you import a UE4 recorded fbx into Maya the animation data is there but the skeleton is missing. Funny thing is if you import it back into UE4, it’s missing as well however you can select a combination of the 3 root motion options and it will display correctly. I know there is some way in Maya to fix this but so far I haven’t found it.

/edit Just looked at this again and figured out the issue here, so will be using this for the time being…

Looking at this thx

Just noticed this plugin will do it for anyone else who stumbles on this