Any good tutorial about apex clothing?

hey guys
Is there any good tutorial out there where the whole process of apex clothing is explained ?
I’m looking to create some wind effects for curtains…


Probably those tutorials will help you: :wink:

Best tutorials about Apex. I’m serious!

thanx for the links! but the problem with the first tutorial is, it shows only the “NVIDIA” part, i’m looking for a whole tutorial… which includes the creation of bones etc… when possilbly for please…
Just forgot to write, for 3DS please…

Depends on what you are trying to do… the cloth itself needs to be skinned to just one bone actually so search for a basic skinning tutorial I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Also check out this link for all the apex tutorials from nvidia (the flag & cape one is great to get you started).

yeh they really helped me as well :smiley: thank you

Thanx to all!
It’s the first time im playing with this “bones” stuff etc… creating the cloth in different variations is not the problem for me, i’m more in into modeling… but it was time to try something new :slight_smile: and get some nice effects into the cloth.
The whole procedure seems to be easy but i got this weird error message when trying to import my apx file… i posted it also on answerhub…
Are they any extended documentations about apex clothing? I mean there are so many possibilitys to setup something…