any good info?

are there any Tutorials on how to get your player to start usesing a weapon and firing it , I downloaded one of the gun packs from the market place to see if where any blueprints and so on to look at but no luck, and I download the Shooter game to try and see a example but no luck the “Shooter game” seem to be all over the places and I count find anything and to complex for now.

I’m finding it hard to find good info on “how to” learn the program. the Tutorials are good sometimes but most of them are too basic and some are to complex, im trying to get some fundamentals down as I start using this program, and I want to start with the basics of a game, movement and shooting, the movement part seems to be going along but the amming and shooting part not so well
it is probably one of the most complex programs I have stated using but that makes me want to learn more.


There is probably a template or tutorial out there to help you out, but I encourage you to think about this in a problem solving manner.

Many systems in blueprint, or really in programming in general, allow you to mentally break each piece of a system down.

You want a player to pick up a weapon, and then aim it, fire, and kill things like your average FPS.

So, you need to:
Attach a weapon actor to your player actor.
Bind a Left Mouse Click Event to call a Line Trace from the end of your weapon actor, to your mouse.
Take the Hit Actor and reduce his health points.
Kill the Hit Actor when he runs out of Health.

So ~4 basic actions that you are going to want to perform, you can start working on each individually. Each of those actions is individually much more searchable in the forums/documentation/etc.

Get a basic system working then you can easily add all kinds of extras one by one.

Try the Blueprint First Person example included, it has a basic projectile weapon and is a pretty simple place to start. Just look in the new project tab.

hi again
I’m finding it hard to find info on this topic still, I have found pages on how to attach a weapon to a player, but it is all basic while handy to know it’s not what I was looking for as such. all the info I have found has been to basic and the other stuff is scatted and not explained why I was doing it. I found one site “How to create Sci-fi Shooter” witch I think was what I was looking for in crating a inventory system for having more then one gun, but I found it not very helpful and in parts not explained very well( at lest for me). any other tips would be grate.

Complex stuff are usually made up of small basic stuff. Its important to get good at basic stuff, then you can join these basic stuff to build more complex stuff. This is typically how game design work.

The trouble I find is most of it contradicts it self. Such as some stuff shows you to make it in the level blueprint. The other stuff says to do it in the chat character blueprint. Some ways ways don’t’ seem to even work with other. I guess if I can figure out one do way of doing it then I can experiment with it to see what works best for situation.
Also it is true you have to learn the basics but you have to learn the basics in context with with a larger goal ells I find that your just Linking stuff together and not really learning anything. Give someone a more complex task and they will learn more about the basica because it has context.

I am having trouble with the guns in the military weapons dark pack. every time I try to add it to my character it seems to have a problem (I have tried deferent ways) , I have tried to add it though the level blueprint using a similar way to adding a static mesh (a pole) but when i pay the character movement goes all funny, I tried adding it though the character blueprint but the movement is fine the this time the gun seems to stick out of he’s legs and doesn’t snap with the socket that I have crated on my skeleton. I have tried to find a solution buy trying deferent thing but know luck.