Any Good destructible mesh tutorial out there?

Hi, im playing with destructible meshes. And the main problem i have is that my projectiles will never damage the destructible mesh. The mesh will only break apart when colliding other objects, but they will not break because of direct impact of my projectiles.

I really dont know how to fix this. But my question is (since i have more problems than this) if someone knows any good tutorial about this.

I dont want to watch the livetrainning one from epic, that is horrible. I only could stand 35 minutes. I also watched some on youtube, but again, they are really lackluster. They only show you how to actually build the destrucbitle mesh and thats about it.

So, any source of a tutorial (it doesnt matter if it is a video or not) about this? specially im interested in not only the destructible mesh itself, but also things like applying damage to it and other stuff.

Thanks in advance.