Any complete, recent guide to packaging a VR game for steam?

I see lots of very old threads talking about all sorts of different things but nothing really brings together everything you might need to get a packaged game running.

Are console commands still required? Do you need an enable HMD node in BP? Whats the best/proper place to setup or disable the mirror? What do you need to do on steam (I know the launch type in Launch Options needs to be set for your VR choice)?

What else?

I’ve tried lots of different combinations of console commands, config, and settings in the editor but nothing really works. There are lots of interesting and fun gameplay things to do and figure out but it is all moot unless you can actually release your game. Any links or info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Is this a bad question or are the no answers? It’s hard to keep up with all the version changes and there doesn’t seem to be any documentation or tutorials or examples that actually show what you need to do to get a packaged vr game running.

@Burnrate No,it is not a bad question, because I didn´t found anything in the worldwideweb ,too, half a year later. Did you find something, yet?
I use the V 4.20 and HTC VIVE on Windows7 and because the level programmed by me was not running after packaging, I made a totally new VR_TemplateProject with this funny blue Cubes.
Also this level is not working.
The Problem:
When I play the Game from the UEEditor, all is perfect, but after packaging and opening the *.exe, the HMD do not controll the View of the VRPawn. The MotionControllers are running instead.
I setted the following on Packaging:

I searched the checkbox, where to enable the HMD in the BP, but I didn´t found it anywhere.
Also I tried to integrate the “Console Commands”-node, but don´t ask me, how to do that in a way of success.
Is somebody here who know, what can be wrong or how to make the system run?


And here is the answer:
or in Short:

Thank you ArchVis…