Any changes to steamworks in engine 4.6?

Spent many time trying launch steam in any template projects on 4.4 engine, didn’t had luck to get steam work. After installing 4.6 engine i unexpectedly found that engine folder contain steam dlls already, but in previous versions those dlls must be placed manually.

So is here any changes on how run steam in 4.6?

I saw Online Subsystem Steam | Unreal Engine Documentation, it was shortened (i think), but there isn’t example of how use any steam functions or something like that. Basicly i know, that i should expose steam functions through custom C++ class to blueprints, but don’t sure if this way still right 4.6.

Steam should work just fine out of the box as long as you use the onlinesubsystem functions, and set your project to use the steam subsystem, thats how i have been working just fine

but how use steam functions right?

basicly i know:

  1. expose steam functions wuth UFUNCTION from C++ to blueprints
  2. use in blueprints

or just

  1. use functions direct from C++

but for example, is here one function in steam for showing friends interface? i mean one that appear when pressing shift+tab in most steam games, maybe it called “overlay”