Any assistance on how to Pick up items using a keyboard button (E), i'm new to unreal

Hi Unreal community,
I was hoping someone here would be able to help with my issue that i am currently trying to find a solution too. I’m currently trying to create a game for my university assignment, and one of my blueprints i wanted to do was to be able to pick up items on the floor or on tables with the use of the (E Button). I know there is a way to just walk over it and ‘delete it’, but there must be a way to be able to use a keyboard function right?.

Please help me if you can, i’d really appreciate as this has halted my work.

Currently work on the ‘Third-Person Character’ platform also, if that means anything.


What you need is a line trace function from the camera to a set distance (pick up distance). Then you use the line trace to check if the hit object is valid (whether it can be picked up or not, this can be done using custom collision channels).