Any additions to a data table causes errors in blueprints where previously used.

So I have an existing data table populated with various structures. This data table is used in various blueprints throughout my game, but if I were to add a new structure into this data table then all ‘Get Data Table Row’ nodes used in any of my blueprints shows an error upon compiling.

I’m guessing this is a common problem and there has to be a solution out there somewhere, I know there’s a plug-in that will ‘Auto Refresh’ or ‘Auto Compile’ all your nodes/blueprints, but the problem that may occur with this is the fact that if I were to simply REFRESH any ‘Get Data Table Row’ node that now has an error–it will still disconnect the routing between the 2 nodes so I’d have to manually go back and FIND all those that are now disconnected, rather than be directed to them when they are errored.

I hope this makes sense, I would show an image but I’ve already manually reconnected all those ‘Get Data Table Row’ nodes that errored this time and would hate to simulate that all over again just for a screenie.

Unless you have not understood what you are doing, adding structures inside tables does not give any error, I just tried it out of curiosity.