AntiAliasing on Vulkan Mobile

Hi community,
I’m trying to get the AA working on Vulkan. The final app will run on a Samsung Galaxy S7 with google Cardboard. Already I’m able to compile with Vulkan and Cardboard without problems. Everything works fine except the AntiAliasing. So I tried r.MobileMSAA 2 on mobile command, but the game crash. (This command work on computer when I set the editor on Vulkan Preview).
I also tried to get something from Temporal AA, but without success. In the ProtoStar Demo, Epic said that there was Temporal AA, so it might be possible to have Vulkan and TAA ?
I’m working with UE 4.14.3.
If anyone have any tips about AntiAliasing with Vulkan Mobile ?

Try the same thing in 4.15. Maybe that crash is already fixed there, that would be the easiest solution.

I’ll try this, but I still don’t understand why TAA does not change anything !

Total shot in the dark but try using the following command and let me know if that helps or not.

r.MobileOnChipMSAA 2

[MENTION=24522]John Alcatraz[/MENTION] : On the Vulkan Preview of 4.15 Preview 2, the Temporal AA is working but not the MSAA (which is not a problem because I prefer to use TAA). But The result is not that good, the line are a bit blurry. Is there a way to improve TAA ? (I tried increasing the sampler to 16 or 32 without success). I will try on mobile in few minutes

@Sam Dieter : I already tried that without getting any results. :frowning: It’s like Vulkan does not care of AA exept MSAA (for 4.14) set with r.MobileMSAA 2 or 4 command.

So about UE 4.15 P2 it cooked succefully the project, the TAA is good, buuuuuut, I only get one of the two image of the stereo for Google Cardboard. I mean only the Right eyes. As the public of this app will not be Pirates it’s embarrassing ! :slight_smile: And I also have a lot of Ghosting !
But it’s another bug so.
Still, I don’t understand why TAA do not work on UE4.14, do I need to have an Engine build from Git Hub Source ?