Anti-aliasing or resolution?..

Hi UE community!

I’ve come across a problem - the quality of small parts isn’t high enough. This is cinematic settings quality, but small details aren’t sharp enough, plus whenever I rotate the device I’m getting this weird kinda flickering. Do you happen to know what this is and how can this be fixed?

Need a few details of the object model and scene settings. What is the current lightmap resolution of the model (open it in mesh editor, and look in Build settings for Min Lightmap Res, and further down in General settings for actual Lightmap Res)? What AA method is selected in project settings? Is visualize Anti-Aliasing enabled or disabled in the show flags (button in upper area of viewport, look for it in one of the lists at the bottom)?

You have no antialiasing at all in the second screenshot

If that text needs to be legible in game it will need to be large in the source texture. If not already, should break it out into its own material so it can be easily adjustable.

Also from what I’ve seen temporal AA isn’t good for in game legible text. Try a different one.