AnswerHub versus Forum

So, there is this forum and then there is the AnswerHub:

I find more answers I can use there than here.
When should you ask in one and when in the other?
What is the reason for two systems which provide the same functionality?

I couldn’t really tell you what the exact point of each of them are, but I use the forums for more generalized questions about how to do things, and save the answer hub for more specific items like “This BP should be working, but for some reason it’s not.” and bug reports. But that’s just me. I don’t think there’s any real rule about usage.

I only reach the answerhub to report bugs. Sometimes when I have no answer to my threads in the forum (:() I post the same question in the answerhub.
Maybe is a bad habit to use forums to post my problems and not in the answerhub, but, to be honest, I prefer the forums interface :slight_smile: