Answer Hub questions need approvals?

Hi Epic.

I am here to complain that my question in the answer hub requires approval by a moderator. (AsyncTask() has the Wrong Reference Values - UE4 AnswerHub). I am baffled by this decition, as my Answer Hub account 498 karma. I think I should be cleared of posts needing approval, as I never post any spam.

And by contrast, I have seen myself some spam out there from new accounts when browsing for some open questions. Which I do report. So, how comes your system flags a known, good standing user as posible spam, but misses new accoutns that are actually spam.

Not that I complain about spam. As the few instances I have seen spam is very, very rare.

Hi Motanum.

I have approved your post, and it probably would have been approved soon by the community moderators.

In the past, spam used to be very prevalent on the Answerhub, the reason you see so little of it now is because of the very same system that flagged yours for moderation as being suspicious. The system looks for things like repetitious phrases and holds them.

Ideally it would also compare against a user’s karma and not block established users, but it hasn’t been designed that way. We may be able to work with our web vendor in the future to look into possible improvements.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the reply. It has happened multiple times before with other questions. And yeah, having the system check the account karma of the poster would seem like a nice improvement for established users.

Im actually a moderator on answerhub, and even I occasionally need my posts to be accepted by a moderator. (which ironically I can do myself)
But bug reports and other posts with lots of links tend to be flagged.