Another thread to say HUGE THANK YOU!!!!

To everyone at Epic: I’m a professional 3d renderings artist with his own renderings business. I have been a loooong time fan of Unreal Engine and have even made some unpublished games testing your awesome engines our through the years.

I have been avidly waiting for UE4 to come out. You guys made my day. I love the engine, its lighting system, and I’m EAGERLY waiting for you guys to publish the “Architectural Renderings” sample demo you have on the marketplace. Please publish it soon.

Your engine is worth one billion million times more than $19 per month, I highly admire your team and Tim Sweeney personally (I hope you get to read this Tim!), in my book, you guys are software engineering GODS, I thank you not only because of the tech you’ve created, for your passion and genius, but also for all the games you’ve enabled the World to enjoy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Epic Games. Your work has and will always continue to inspire me, and millions of others too.

-Charles Perez
Founder & CEO
The Render Cafe

Thanks so much for the kind words, Charles. We are thrilled that you are thrilled, and I have spread your message around to ensure that others throughout the company see it.