Another STRUCT Problem, This Time It's the Default Values of Some Members

I’ve made a struct with two members that will hold my elemental data. One for the element name [custom enum] and the other as their percentage [float]. I’ve set the default for the float to 1.0.

Then i used my struct as an array, then add elements to it, one for each elemental name. the data goes like this

Neutral —> 1.0
Fire --------> 1.0

And so on. but when i log my result, the element name seems to be intact but the default values for the float was set to 0.0. I checked my bp and there’s no way that i made to be 0.0. Though i know that i could just simply set the values again. But it will fail my purpose of setting a default value wouldn’t it?

and also i was wondering why it had to log twice while i only made one print string in my construction script?

Hi Ranz,

Which version of the editor are you seeing this behavior in?

This is 4.7.3. Can I assume that this is fixed with 4.7.4?

Hi Ranz,

This isn’t fixed in 4.7.4 but once I narrowed down the issue a bit further, I found that it is actually fixed in our latest internal build. You should see this working correctly in a future release, possibly as soon as 4.8.