Announcement: Hotfix Preview

Hello All,

We’ve posted some information over in the Announcement’s Section regarding a Preview Hotfix that is available for the people that have a QFE (Quick Fix we’ve issued) installed and/or are comfortable with using preview versions.

Please feel free to head over there for more information on how to apply this Preview Hotfix before we release it more publicly in the coming days.



Please note an issue pointed out here:

The bug reported is that the launcher is downloading everything again. We are looking into it.

We also noticed a bug that is causing the launcher to download assets needlessly so in the best case it still downloads too much. We are looking into this as well.

It turns out we screwed the pooch a bit with regard to download size as we upgraded the Android SDK on all our build machines, which resulted in all the Android binaries being slightly different. Something to improve upon process wise going forward. Our long term ideal would be to download platform bits optionally as they can add up pretty fast.

Poor pooch :frowning:

But I have to say, I really like the idea of using the command-line to update the engine to an optional build! Clever thing!