Animgraph accesses none, can't figure out why

“PIE:Error: Error Accessed None ‘CrowController’ from node AimOffset ‘Crow_AimOffset1D_Flap’ in graph ‘AnimGraph’ in blueprint CrowVim”

I have this:

You can see the CrowController IsValid check which should make sure the ‘Crow_AimOffset1D_Flap’ AimOffset node doesn’t run unless CrowController is valid. If I remove that check, I get more of these errors. But with it, I still get it twice.

CrowController is a variable that gets set in Event Blueprint Update Animation in the Event Graph.

How I fixed this:

I put variables into the AnimBP. In the EventGraph, I do get exec pins, so I can do the normal check for CrowController == none. Then I copy the variables from the controller to the AnimBP. Then in the AnimGraph, I query the local copies of the variables.