AnimBlueprint Skeleton Controls don't work together or do they !!!! (Vehicle)

ok i’m doing a vehicle test in UT using the 8 wheeled Paladin vehicle from UT3 which i’ve scaled/rigged then imported to UT/UE4 , afaik atm i can only use 4 wheels via the wheeled vehicle class so i’m trying to cheat by using some skeletal controls via the anim blueprint.

now i can get the suspension to work via the “lookat” as i did this on the scorpian no problems, but to get the extra wheels to work i’m using the “copy bone” the problem being is that it copies all the axis, then i tried the “apply percentage of rotation” as i wanted to limit the secound wheels to steer at 50% of the front axis then added another to copy the wheel rotation axis but that doesn’t work, also having all these stops the lookat’s working.

i’ve tried all sort of combo’s eg moving and re-connecting the node layout, but atm i can’t find much info on the skeleton control nodes

any help or tips would be most greatful


i can supply a video if require