AnimBlueprint : Cast on EventGraph dont work !

Hi guys !

Im in trouble with my Animation Blueprint :mad:,

First of all, here is the picture of my BP :


I have a Blueprint Class BC_ZombieMere and an Animation Blueprint AB_Zombie

In my AnimBlueprint i try to recover the BlueprintClass’s variables, casting the pawn owner of my zombies to BC_ZombieMere
(I checked, my zombies are always objects from BC_ZombieMere class)
But, as you can see, the cast fail …
I always do this way and i never had any problems, but here, im totally lost ^^.

Any idea about this ?

Thanks a lot and have a good day :smiley: !

PS : I failed and put this topic on anim section, but its about visual scripting so i switched :o

Look at above. Your Preview Instance is empty. You will always get a cast fail with an empty debug filter.

This will work only properly if you are playing in game or simulating, so that you can chose which zombie to check for. In game you will see a list at where it says “Preview Instance”, when you click on it. =)