Animator for Mobile Zombie Game Needed

Hi there,

We’re looking for a good animator for our main character and zombies. Please see below. If this seems like a game you’d be interested in working on I can send you the full GDD with an NDA.
Zombie Auto-Runner Game (Side-Scroller)


The purpose of this game is to outrun the zombie horde by avoiding obstacles, making split-second decisions, and eliminating any zombies that get too close.


The game is supposed to be panic-inducing, with close calls and shocking moments. A sense of relief should be felt when the player completes a level.


• Swipe up
• Swipe down
• Swipe forward
• Multi-swipe forward
• Swipe backward
• Speed-tapping


The player is being chased through a New York/Manhattan-like city during the zombie apocalypse. The mood is gritty and apocalyptic.

Style Attributes

The game style should be a blend of Vector’s camera style and Corridor Z’s look and feel.