Animations wont work in player's child component

I have started messing around with 3d since im doing a prototype for my next game and i have run in to a few problems.

Now i imported a FBX model into unreal, a simple bow with a pulling animation which i want to use to replace the base blue FPS model.

I have created an animation blueprint which is basically an animation directly linked to the result just to see if i can get some animation going, the problem is nothing seems to make the bow move except calling a direct “play” in a BP.

All i want for now is to the the thing moving, if i do the same steps for the standard blue fps model that comes with the template everything works( the animation keeps repeating over and over which is the expected result) but if i do the same exact steps for the bow model it stays static. THIS IS ALL DONE WITH THE CHILD SKELETAL MESH COMPONENT.

The funny thing is, if i just drag the skeletal mesh into the scene and give it the animation BP it works as expected, the animation keeps looping forever, but the same thing does not happen with the skeletal mesh component on the player.

Any ideas?

Ok so right after writing this i noticed that the blueprint for the player has another skeletal mesh that is higher in hierarchy that the “Mesh1P” and if i add the mesh there the animation works.

Mesh1P is added through code and i cant call animations from C++, from the higher skeletal mesh component.

Still, any ideas why animations wont work on Mesh1P?